Swedish Trade Union Confederation’s job transition support guide

If a worker in Sweden is made redundant because of shortage of work, this is covered by a unique kind of insurance. It’s called ‘Trygghetsfonden TSL’ and has been negotiated by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in cooperation with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Thanks to this insurance, on average 15,000 people a year obtain a new job, often with more responsibility.

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation has developed a guide to provide additional support for ombudsmen and elected representatives that describes the current adjustment support and how it works. This guide can be applied both for own use and in dialogue with the person who has been made redundant.

The challenge

To reach a broad target group with knowledge that could be used in a number of ways.

The solution

A digital guide with useful information presented in an individual and fun way. The guide’s animated film about how adjustment support works has a broader target group and is therefore also available on YouTube. The guide is currently available in Swedish and English.

The result

The guide became available in March 2017 and has been very well received. It generated 300 unique visitors in its first month. You can view the guide here:

Swedish version: https://natutbildning.lo.se/omstallningsstod/

English version: https://natutbildning.lo.se/jobtransitionsupport/