PTK’s tool to highlight a subject

The Swedish Federation of Salaried Employees in Industry and Services, PTK, decided to develop a challenge in the form of a digital quiz featuring increasingly difficult questions.

The aim was to develop a tool to advertise courses or highlight a particular subject area. As soon as you give a wrong answer, you’re out. But you get to try as many times as you like. Think you can make it onto the high scorer list?

The challenge

A generic way of both encouraging enthusiasm for forthcoming training opportunities and maintaining the level of interest between training sessions. 

The solution

A test featuring questions with an increasing level of difficulty. It is designed so that the person who correctly answers the most questions ends up at the top. If you answer incorrectly you’re out, but you can try again as many times as you like. The results are displayed immediately on a web page in the form of a top-ten list.

The result

A digital quiz that is quick to set up and edit. It works just as well on mobiles, tablets and PCs.