Online sales training from Ung Företagsamhet for young entrepreneurs

Junior Achievement Sweden (Ung Företagsamhet) provides hands-on training for secondary and upper secondary school students in entrepreneurial skills.

Thanks to Ung Företagsamhet, upper secondary school students have the possibility for one year to start up and run a business. As support during this time, they are provided with training materials, teacher guides, business advisors and the possibility to participate in fairs and competitions, etc. Future First has developed several of the organisation’s online courses, for example about business economics and what to do after completing the UF-year.

“Your role as a salesperson” is the first course in a series of online courses for different roles within the UF-company. “Your role as a salesperson” has been developed in close collaboration with Patrik Nordkvist at the company Försäljningschefen. The aim with this course is to provide basic knowledge and inspiration to feel more confident and engaged when working as a salesperson.

The challenge

To develop a solution for a specific role in a UF-company in collaboration with an external partner and a curriculum and format that can be reused in corporation with other partners in a cost-effective way.

The solution

An online course with videos and questions to acquire the basic knowledge needed to be able to start working as a salesperson. The course also contains interactive exercises where the students connect the new knowledge to their own situations, and a final task to work on afterwards.

The result

The course was launched all over Sweden in September 2022 and so far, almost 2000 high school students have completed it. The courses “Your role as CEO” and “Your role as sustainability manager” was launched during 2023. Also, the course “Your role as an innovator” is currently being developed.

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