Customer meetings training for electrical contractors

More effective customer meetings improve understanding of the customer’s needs and in the longer term, boost business. The electrical engineering sector is undergoing a process of change and many are unaware of how much knowledge exists among electrical engineering firms. This is something that all electrical contractors can benefit from. Because knowledge is what is required – both among company leaders and fitters.

The brains behind this web-based training is Installatörsföretagen, the Swedish Installation Federation that represent over 3 700 member companies with around 56 000 employees who install, optimize and control your heating, ventilation, water, electricity and telecommunications. Their members are entrepreneurs, employers and businessmen – active in the field of technical installations. They also represent the electric power entrepreneurs who provide the infrastructure for Swedens electricity needs.

The challenge

To bring customer meeting training to a target group made up of individuals who do not regard themselves as salespeople, and to encourage their managers to prioritise this training initiative in a stressful working environment.

The solution

An easily accessible and mobile-adapted course that is developed to be used in stages over an extended period of time. Corporate leaders have access to a more comprehensive version of the course. This gives them control over the learning situation and enables them to prepare meetings if required.

The result

An easily accessible and mobile-adapted course that is developed to be used stages over an extended period of time. The training won the top prize at the 2016 Swedish Learning Awards. Since then, it has been updated and further developed several times.

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