SISAB employee induction

SISAB is one of Sweden’s largest property owners, with around 600 preschools and primary, secondary and upper-secondary schools under ownership and management. Together with its tenants, SISAB creates secure and inspiring educational environments for Stockholm’s children and young people.

SISAB is growing to meet the city’s increased need for school places. Alongside this, the company wanted to conduct a strategic review of its employee induction programme. How could it be made more effective, efficient and better meet requirements? The contract for developing a new digitally supported induction programme was awarded to Wildfire in cooperation with Future First.

The challenge

To create an induction programme for the long term that doesn’t weigh too heavily on the organisation’s resources.

The solution

An induction programme based on new employees’ need for information and training throughout their first year. The solution consists of three components: a visual process with set activities; division of responsibilities and various types of support; an induction day focusing on the corporate culture; and a digital tool to automate the flow of information throughout the year.