Castellum’s web-based sustainability training

Sustainability issues are a key priority for property company Castellum. The company’s focus and increased transparency in its reporting have resulted in Castellum receiving several international awards for its sustainability work.

To ensure capabilities throughout the organisation, all new employees must take the company’s web-based sustainability course. It’s based on Future First’s product with an additional training section about Castellum’s codes of conduct.

The challenge

Ensuring that all employees are familiar with sustainable development in general, specifically how Castellum contributes to this development, and how the business is operated responsibly.

The solution

A company-specific version of Future First’s product, along with administration and follow-up systems. The online course consists of three training sections taken in a particular order.

The product on which the course is based is the result of a development project undertaken by Future First in cooperation with two researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a reference group of sustainability managers from a variety of industries.

The result

So far, more than 95% of the company’s employees have taken the course.

See for more information about the product.