Online learning tool from Ung Företagsamhet

Junior Achievement Sweden (Ung Företagsamhet i Sverige) provides hands-on training for upper secondary school students in entrepreneurial skills. The organisation now has a digital training tool that makes what can be a highly complex subject more manageable, boosting the students’ confidence.

Step by step they learn the basics of business administration, budgets and bookkeeping. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first.

The challenge

To develop effective training material in business administration for upper secondary students who lack confidence when it comes to figures and finances. 

The solution

A digital training tool to use individually and/or in groups. Informative films, playful animations and exercises all help break down a challenging subject into manageable sections, step by step.

The result

The result was a digital training tool featuring several components that is used by thousands of upper secondary school students across Sweden.

More information about training materials from Ung Företagsamhet (in Swedish):