eBAM – Basic work environment training

Prevent is a voluntary organisation owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and the Swedish Federation of Salaried Employees in Industry and Services. It aims to improve working environments by providing information and training.

More than 1.5 million people have completed Prevent’s basic ‘Better Work Environment’ training programme. Prevent wanted to introduce some changes, and decided to focus in particular on its training programme. Future First managed the process by developing the overall concept. Future First then also developed the distance learning version of the course, in close cooperation with Prevent’s experts and project managers.

The challenge

To create an e-learning course with the same impact as the teacher-led course that provides added value by being undertaken at participants’ own workplaces.

The solution

An e-learning course that is more than an e-learning course. It combines traditional course sections with real data, undertaken at participants’ own workplaces. The result is a task report that participants can save to work on in their own work environment.

The course is built up in stages as part of a structure inspired by gamification. As participants complete each section, new options are unlocked in the form of individual tasks and useful tools to save for future use.

The result

Comments on the pilot assessment:

“It was incredibly educational. All managers should be able to take this course. This has to become more than just a pilot course!”

“It was good that the course was directly linked to the workplace. This makes it more useful and easier to apply in practice.”

“I received lots of useful advice and tools that I can use in our own work environment-related measures.” “It’s great! A brilliant tool!”