Web-based environmental training for all employees at Region Skåne

“Region Skåne” is responsible for social and medical care, public transport, business sector development, culture, infrastructure, social planning as well as environmental and climate issues in the Skåne region in Sweden. “Region Skåne” is Skånes largest employer with around 36,000 employees. Within “Region Skåne” more than 100 different occupational groups are represented.

In 2015, Region Skåne decided to develop a basic web-based environmental training course. This course has been updated several times since then and consists of two modules.

The challenge

Reach out to all employees, independant of their current occupation (eller activity)business sector or previous knowledge in the sustainability and environmental areas.

The solution

A web-based training divided into courses, the first course ensures a consistent level of knowledge and approach to sustainability among employees. This course is available in two versions depending on each employee’s education targets. The second course is tailor-made for the organisation. It focuses on Region Skåne’s environmental targets and how employees can contribute for the organisation to be able to meet these targets.

The result

Two separate courses, one of them in two versions, produced to ensure that the training complies with industry standards for measuring performance in e-learning. The courses are distributed through Region Skåne’s standardised Learning Management System, available to all employees.